Coming from a place of inspiration, compassion and understanding, David Wells is endorsed by people the world over.  A “master teacher”, “impactful”, “perfect in content, tone and delivery”. These are just some of the comments from audience members and organisers at a David Wells event.

Individuals, businesses and organisations worldwide show their support to David at his speaking engagements. He is witty, relatable, and charming whilst delivering first-class information that can be used in daily life, teachings and business. In a world of ambiguity, David’s teachings are clear-cut, engaging and in the present.

“I can’t thank you enough for once again not only inspiring me with your fantastic presence, humour and priceless messages. Staff were truly inspired and energised leaving for the weekend. If I can get 10% of that unmeasurable impact you have, then I will be delighted.”

Head Teacher. St Richard Gwyn High School. January 2020

“I just wanted to thank you for your talk the other night at the Jesuit Centre. We really enjoyed it. It made us laugh and reflect and rediscover joy. It was very uplifting and really struck a chord. You have a great gift for talking to people in a profound but very accessible way.”

January 2020

“You wear the “Joy” T- shirt .. much laughter and humour … super high engagement over 90 mins .. quite incredible .. The timing of your powerful life changing messages is profound for me .. The Holy Spirit at work.”

January 2020

“It was a brilliant event and a few of us commented on the way out that we could not believe the time went so quickly. You are an inspirational speaker David so thank you for sharing joy and yourself.”

Mount Street. January 2020

“I’m very guilty of losing focus when somebody talks at me for more than about two minutes but hand on my heart, I listened to every word you said. I laughed and I related. Some of your stories moved me to tears and I learnt a lot, mostly that the way I feel on a day to day basis is perfectly ok. I’m not a teacher but I have a lot of interaction with the children and as much as they drive me crazy I love them dearly.”

All Saint’s School. January 2020

“I left All Saints with a sense of calm and clarity to the way forward. This is the job for me, however, there are some virtues to rediscover, loose the heavy shoulder weight as such!”

Head Teacher. January 2020

“You truthfully were a breath of fresh air for us all. In my 18+ years of teaching, and yes I was one of those critics thinking beforehand why are we doing this when we have so much to do, I have never been so moved by a speaker and been able to connect with virtually everything that was said. For that, I truly thank you.”

St Gregory’s. January 2020

“I can’t begin to tell you what a big impact you have made on our system. You have really touched the hearts of many people across many roles. I am so grateful for the time you spent with us. I feel renewed in my vocation after spending the past few days with you.”

Superintendent. Ontario. November 2019

“Dear David, I had to contact you to thank you for your fantastic talk you did today at Saint Gregorys. It was spot-on and without question the best and most enjoyable inset training day I have ever experienced. I was a cynical member of the audience when I sat on my chair but your gift and articulation and wit won me over and you could probably gauge I wasn’t the only one.”

November 2019

“I talked mostly with catechists. All of them got encouraged, strengthened, uplifted and comforted. Many positive emotions. And not only emotions. My husband is a very good measure for all types of conferences and retreats. And he said that it was great, sometimes as we discuss things he remembers your words, insights.”

Kaunas. Lithuania. October 2019

Some of us have now been blessed in our small(est) Diocese to hear you twice in the last two years, as well as at the CYMFed events, and I do hope that one day you will be back to Hallam to enthuse those in my school and give staff I work with the similar insight to the value of what they do, reminders of the ‘why we do it’ and the encouragement to keep on that journey.

All Saints. Sheffield. October 2019

“Dear David, Thank you so much for your wonderful, inspiring and rousing talk last Tuesday. I cannot thank you enough for everything you said. Every element of it was relevant and reassuring – as a teacher, mother and being ‘me’. I feel revitalised and positive about every aspect of my life so thank you so very much.”

September 2019

“You are such an inspirational speaker, with such a simple, but effective, way of translating and reminding others of the important things in life – I thank you for that, and for helping me take a step back, and sift through some of the stuff in my head!”

Head Teacher. Nottingham. May 2019

“On behalf of everybody at the Catholic Independent Schools Conference, a huge thank you for your inspirational talk to our aspiring leaders at the Oxford Spires Hotel on Friday. I know they got a lot from it, as I did. You were on top form.”

CISC. Mayfield. UK. June 2018

“What a treat, delight and inspiration it was to hear you present to the assembly at NCCL.  I watched a master teacher at work.  It was so neat to see first-hand what everyone else raves and marvels about…and with good reason.  I loved your content, tone and delivery.”

Acclaimed author and presenter. Chicago. USA. May 2018

“Just wanted to thank you once more for a truly inspirational and superb day with us. So many members of staff have commented to me how they found what you said to us today to be inspiring and motivating and a timely reminder of why we’re in this thing called teaching.”

Deputy Head. St Edmund Campion School. Maidenhead. UK. March 2018

“The session was inspirational and aspirational with lots of food for thought and pitched perfectly for our staff who as you are aware are a mixture of Catholics and non-catholics.”

Headteacher. St Edmund Campion School. Birmingham. UK. March 2018

“A huge thank you to you for all that you gave to the NBRIA Conference. Your input was welcomed by all and you revitalised many.”

Birmingham Diocesan Education Service. Birmingham. UK. March 2018

“Thank you very much for last night’s talk to the new cohort of Church School leaders Programme, I really enjoyed the talk and it has given me so much to think about, and ways to make real changes in my own school as a senior leader, and more focus on the aspirations I already had to become a Catholic Head Teacher.”

Assistant Head Teacher. St Illtyd’s Catholic High School. Cardiff. UK. March 2018

“I just wanted to send through a quick thank you for yesterday – both for your presentation, which was excellent, and for your kind words as to what we’re trying to do as leadership in the school.”

Assistant Head Teacher. St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School. Carlisle. UK. March 2018

“I just wanted to share how much I was impacted by our two days together. I really appreciated your messages and how you used humour and real life that we can all relate too.  At our staff meeting yesterday we went around and shared something that they took away from Faith Day. All the comments were positive, everyone had something they could relate to.”

Principal. Holy Angels School. Lake Superior North. Ontario. Canada. March 2018

“Thank you so much for taking time to come to our little part of the world and WAKE us up!”  It truly was a “FABULOUS” experience.  I asked Father last night, as we were walking out of church, if there is anything we can do to get you back here. It would be well worth it.”

Sellersburg. Indiana. USA. April 2018

“Thank you so much for a great three days! People are still talking about it. It has been a real boost to our parish at a much needed time.”

Sellersburg. Indiana. USA. April 2018

“You really do have a wonderful gift of bringing the Gospel to life and such a creativity in weaving in images to help us along the way in understanding the rather tricky thing which is our faith!”

Plymouth CAST. Plymouth. UK. February 2018

“Thanks again for your day with us. For me personally it was timely and a real encouragement. On Tuesday this week I am giving a recollection day for our priests in the Diocese and I will be grateful to ‘pillage’ your presentation.”

Cardiff Archdiocese. Cardiff. UK. February 2018

“I know you enjoy sessions like this morning (which is evident from how you are when presenting) but don’t underestimate the amount of inspiration you give to others and the food for thought. It was, as always, first class.”

St John’s Presbytery. Bolton. Salford Diocese. Salford. UK. February 2018

“Just wanted to personally say a HUGE thanks for today. The INSET was both inspirational and thought-provoking and my staff thoroughly enjoyed it and said it was the best CPD they had taken part in so praise indeed! I’m sure you receive thousands of emails saying the same thing but still wanted you to know!”

St Mary’s. Haslingden. UK. February 2018

“I’ll pre-empt something I wrote in a card to you which you’ll receive in due course… a member of staff withdrew her resignation this morning after your presentation. How’s that for impact! Loads of positive feedback this morning. It was the right message, delivered wonderfully, at the right time.”

UK. February 2018

“Great to hear your talk. I often feel very inadequate when I say yes to doing things and it’s good to hear that’s a normal reaction. Many thanks for all your hard work since you came to the Diocese and for the support for us as Catechists. It’s made a huge difference to my formation too and that of my friends. Makes one feel part of a wider church.”

Plymouth. UK. January 2018

“I said it on stage and I’ll say it again: that was the single best Catholic Ethos day I’ve been to and many of my colleagues have been lining up at my door to say the same.  Speaking personally, I’m especially grateful to you for reaching out so openly and welcomingly to our non-Catholic colleagues. People are still talking about it, which is completely unheard of.  We may be disciples, but you are a prophet.  Thank you again – not least for making us look good for getting you in!”

Cardinal Vaughan and Newman Catholic College. London. UK. January 2018

“Since last Thursday we have used the Love Chooses You video in assembly.  I have never known a reaction like it.  Some of the comments are astounding; “I welled up”, “So many things I had not thought of”. One of our more secular-leaning teachers asked me how to find it as she had to check a student who she thought was distracting others, only to find a tissue was required.”

School Chaplain. UK. December 2017

“I thoroughly enjoyed and was completely moved by your presentation. Timing is everything, and things truly do happen for a reason. Your gift of storytelling reached beyond the pages of the Reluctant Disciple, which I had read prior to your talk.”

School Principal. Halton. Ontario. Canada. December 2017

“Thoroughly enjoyed today David. For a very busy Headteacher I was involved, moved, challenged and affirmed by your words and your emotional testimony. Hope that we can work together next year with the Doncaster Family of Schools.”

Head Teacher. McAuley. Doncaster. UK. November 2017

“Your words were food for my soul today! I loved how you use your own story to bring Scripture and the teachings of Popes Benedict and Francis to life for us “

St Andrews School. Oakville. Ontario. Canada. November 2017

“How amazing was last Monday!!!!!? Absolutely loved it!! Thanks so much for this, truly inspiring. It made an impact and literally I can’t stop thinking about it. Gracias.”

Parishioner. St Joseph’s. Bromley. Kent. UK. November 2017

“I was at the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate this evening and I must say, you made me laugh and you made me cry and you made me think.  You have a universal message and it touches the very heart of your audience. Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories.”

Our Lady’s Basilica. Guelph. Ontario. Canada. November 2017

“Thank you again for your excellent talks to the Vicars for Religious. I would be grateful to receive your PowerPoint images. I could make use of them in the parish and school.”

St Mary and St Modwen. October 2017

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the day on Discipleship at Crewe. You are such an engaging and entertaining speaker who draws out great depth and insight into the ordinary, everyday encounters of life.”

October 2017

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the day on Discipleship at Crewe. You are such an engaging and entertaining speaker who draws out great depth and insight into the ordinary, everyday encounters of life.”

Assistant Director of Schools. Shrewsbury Diocese. Shrewsbury. UK. October 2017

“Our central office staff, our parish offices, and our classroom teachers have been steadily reaching out to me stating how much they enjoyed our Mission and Ministry Day.”

Alberta. Canada. September 2017

“You have the magic of mixing all emotions together but always being able to end on a laugh, a true gift.”

Head Teacher. St. Anthony’s Primary. Leamington Spa. UK. September 2017

“It was my first time there as a newly appointed headteacher and I have to say I was blown away by your presentation. I felt you were speaking directly to me and you had me laughing and crying in the same breath. If only I could take back to my staff a small part of your message, to share thoughts about our faith in today’s world in a tender, quiet, gentle way you spoke about today.”

Scottish Head Teacher’s Association. St Andrew’s. UK. September 2017

“Thank you so much for an amazing day!  You helped us start the year off on the perfect note and I have heard nothing but positive comments from our staff.  I really appreciated your very thoughtful preparation to link our faith plan to your stories – you always inspire me!”

Holy Spirit Catholic School Board. Alberta. Canada. September 2017

“Thank you  for finding your words have lifted my spirits and reminded me about the reason why I want and love this job.”

Head Teacher. St Thomas More RC School. London. UK. September 2017

“You did an excellent INSET for me at the ecumenical school where I work back in January. The staff, at the end of year review, put that day down as one of the best experiences they have had both at and from the school.”

Langley. UK. August 2017

“Thank you for the wonderfully inspiring and moving presentation you gave in Auckland last Tuesday to Principals and senior leaders of Catholic schools. We are very keen to use your powerpoint with our Board of Trustees (school governors) as we begin ‘re-visioning’ our school charter (vision, mission statement, school values).”

DP Marist School, Mt Albert. New Zealand. August 2017

“Thank you wholeheartedly for such an inspirational, witty and humorous discussion around evangelism in Auckland yesterday!  It was so lovely to see everyone leaving feeling upbeat and vibrant that they too do, and can, make a difference! We hope to welcome you in Samoa, one day!”

Auckland Diocese. New Zealand. August 2017

“I attended your excellent and thought-provoking talks at the Waipuna Day for Priests of the Auckland Diocese. I thought yours was an excellent presentation getting your message across with both humour and insightful reflections on the human condition.”

Auckland Diocese. New Zealand. August 2017

“Thank you so much for your awesome talk last Saturday. It was a very encouraging and life-changing message for me as a family man, catechist, and lay Catholic chaplain.”

Chaplain. North Shore Hospital. Waitemata. New Zealand. August 2017

“Your talk did impress me and give me a direction to think how I can approach the calling from the Pope Francis and Bishop Patrick in the Auckland Chinese Catholic Community and in my Parish.”

Auckland Diocese. New Zealand. August 2017

“Thanks again for your great presentations and ministry. I am very grateful that the seminarians got to hear you; we were all very encouraged, inspired, and positively challenged too, by what you had to share.”

Rector. Holy Cross. Auckland. New Zealand. August 2017

“Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you made to the priests of the Diocese of Auckland – it was inspiring and relevant!! I know you touched many hearts that day…some of our ‘most challenging’ seemed to be smiling all day…that is gift!!”

Marist Sisters. Auckland. New Zealand. August 2017

“Those there were massively encouraged and enthused by your uniquely lively, yet sensitive style, seamlessly weaving scripture, humour and passages from Papal documents.”

Clevedon Parish. Clevedon. UK. July 2017

“As you no doubt gathered the reaction to your two talks was massively positive. Today I have been receiving great comments again. Thank you for guiding our parish day to such a high point.”

UK. July 2017

“Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring presentation on Wednesday.  As a chaplain it felt more like a day retreat.  I would be very grateful if you would send me the notes as I would like to preach on this weekend.”

Cardiff. UK. July 2017

“Thank you for your keynote talk at our weekend Festival on 24 and 25 June. We have had extremely positive feedback about the weekend and, in particular, your excellent talk. Delegates found what you said to be inspiring, informative and thought-provoking. One delegate wrote, ‘Incredible, very moving and very real. 10/10 – Please bring him back’.”

Director of Schools. Hexham and Newcastle Diocese. Newcastle. UK. July 2017

“I heard you speak yesterday at the Catholic teachers meeting in Cardiff, and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have never heard anybody like you speak, and I have never left a meeting feeling so inspired. I have laughed and cried yesterday afternoon at your stories and at myself, realising who I have become. You are such an inspiration, and such a gift to all of us.”

St Joseph’s RC School. Newort. UK. July 2017

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for joining us last week. The pupils and staff thought it was a fantastic event; we have received such fantastic feedback.  You were very open to questions and explained your answers clearly.”

Head of RE. Boys Grammar School. Torquay. UK. July 2017

“Thank you very much for speaking to us all. Your stories I know made quite an impact. There was a woman teacher in the audience who had had very little sleep for the past few days. Your stories really moved her. “That was for me” she said in the staff room!”

Trinity School. Teignmouth. UK. July 2017

“Thank you so much for today. I have heard you speak twice now, and am always struck by how insightful your comments and theology is. I would love to use your slides with my staff, having decided that my theme for staff next year will incorporate much of what you have shared with us today. I already have your book and have enjoyed reading it – Thank you.”

Headteacher. Hormead Church of England School. UK. June 2017

“Thanks for the day yesterday. All the comments I heard were very positive. Those who had not heard you before, were swept off their feet!! A great approach to evangelisation which is often reduced to programmes and “putting on” things.”

St Joseph’s Parish. Weymouth. UK. June 2017

“Once again I’d like to repeat my thanks for a very enjoyable, not to say, stimulating input for us as religious in the Diocese of Clifton. It is generous of you to share and give me permission to use your material. Thank you.”

Chair of Gvnrs. St Brendan’s. Bristol. UK. June 2017

“Thanks for coming to the Congress. Your presentation and presence were inspiring and of great support. They said you were excellent. It would be great to have your involvement in the future.”

Coordinator of Youth Ministry. Clifton Diocese. Bristol. UK. May 2017

“Tonight you shone a light on why we do what we do and for whom we do it: our children and ultimately that means their wider families. Simply thank you as you reminded us it is not rocket science.”

Head Teacher. Sacred Heart Primary School. Paignton. UK. May 2017

“I am sure that you have heard a million times, what a brilliant presenter you are! Your courage in showing your tender heart many times is both inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for the depth of your insights and your wonderful personality. You have affirmed for me that the art of accompaniment paves the way to help our students quench their thirst in many different ways.”

Music Teacher and School Chaplain. Edmonton. Alberta. Canada. May 2017

“You were an absolute joy to listen to and I have been sharing your wisdom with all my colleagues this past week. Thank you for being so real, for awakening me, reminding me to better myself and to embrace showing tenderness to everyone around me.”

St Marguerite School. Spruce Grove. Alberta. Canada. May 2017

“Thank you very much for yet another amazing time at SPICE. It was my 4th time hearing you speak, and every time I come away feeling refreshed and reenergized.”

Grade Three Teacher. St Anthony’s School. STAR Catholic District. Alberta. Canada. May 2017

“Thank you again for sharing your wisdom of the Pope’s document. I hope you make the administrator’s cry as much as we did as we processed the topic.  It was a beautiful way to spend a weekend, navigating the seasons of emotion. Safe travels back to England.”

Lead Teacher. Red Deer. Alberta. Canada. May 2017

“It was truly a pleasure to be a part of this year’s OCSOA Retreat for Supervisory Officers in Ontario, where you facilitated “Bruised, Hurting and Dirty:  Lessons in Leadership from Pope Francis”.  It is my hope that you might be willing and available to come to Toronto in the fall to engage in a series of keynote addresses for our District’s principals, vice principals and business leaders.”

Schools Superintendent. Toronto. Canada. May 2017

“When I went to thank you in person, I told you it was a weekend I will never forget, and I meant it! I learned so much about Amoris Laetitia. You have such a beautiful way of bringing things to life, and making them understandable from an everyday perspective. You do it with humility, kindness, understanding and a terrific sense of humour! “

Kananaskis. Alberta. Canada. May 2017

“Of 96 respondents, 94 scored you as excellent. 2 scored you as good. The lower three categories were empty. Turns out you can please most of the people most of the time. The following week you did at again at Blueprints. Of 81 respondents 78 scored you excellent and 3 as good. Nothing in the average, poor or very poor categories.”

SPICE and BLUEPRINTS Conference. Kananaskis. Alberta. Canada. May 2017

“I have found this experience to be utterly transformational, in more ways than I could explain; and I want to thank you for cracking open Amoris Laetitia for me and drawing out of it the wisdom that I have been thirsting for. You have challenged me.”

Edmonton. Alberta. Canada. April 2017