Accessible theology for the busy, burnt-out and bewildered.


Theological reflection can help raise morale, encourage people out of stress, relieve anxiety, dissolve tensions in and between organisations, but most importantly of all, it helps give people stronger reasons for what they do. What I do is to help make life’s big questions enjoyable, accessible, entertaining (yes, entertaining) and practically helpful too. So, if you are part of an organisation, school, parish or business and you’d like to take a fresh look at things which can become a bit stuck or tired get in touch.

Please stay and look around to see if there is something worth exploring further. I’m not on a mission to convince people to be more like me. Whether singularly or as a community, my aim is to inspire and encourage. People of all backgrounds do not come away from my work feeling judged or discriminated. Please, take a few minutes to look at the endorsements pages to see what others say about what I do.


What I bring to your organisation or community is over 25-years of experience in adult training and public speaking.

Whether with 10,000 people at the RE Congress in Anaheim, Los Angeles, or 10,000 young people at the Flame events at a sold-out London Wembley Arena, or again, 12 people in a musty village hall, I attend all with equal enthusiasm.

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon, Chair of the Department for Education and Formation at the Bishop’s Conference, described me as a “Remarkable and gifted speaker.”  Should we begin to work together I hope you’ll find that his assessment is yours too.

New Book Now Available

Raymond Friel and David Wells, who between them have many years of experience of working with parish groups, schools and conferences, have produced a collection of prayers that are deeply rooted in real life. The prayers are often funny, sometimes poignant, always inspiring. They are accompanied by scripture quotes, thought-provoking insights from inspirational Christians and questions for deeper reflection. They can be used by individuals for personal use, or in a group setting for shared prayer.

“One of the most helpful, creative and easily accessible prayer materials available today.”
Sr Judith Russi SSMN

“This is a prayer book for real people who are looking for a guide to help them speak with Jesus. It’s the book for which I’ve been searching over the past five years. Wonderful.”
Bill Huebsch

“Beautiful, insightful, and sometimes challenging. I warmly commend it to you!”
Patrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham

“The honesty of these prayers will surely help you encounter the heart of God.”
Fr Richard Rohr OFM

“This beautiful collection of prayers gives us just the right words to soothe and uplift the soul in every situation and helps us to find God in each moment of our daily life.”
Dame Rachel de Souza